GLASS-CLOTH-BASE LAMINATE conforming to Bulgarian State Standard /BSS/ 11377-81

Glass-cloth-base laminate is a high quality electroinsulating material, designed for outdoors service and in conditions of normal humidity and temperature with voltage up to 1000V and frequency 50 Hz.

The material stands continued operation at temperatures from – 650C to 1300C. The following brands are manufactured from glass tissues and high quality resins with thickness from 0.5 mm to 25 mm and size (1060 x 1160) mm.:

EP2 - for electric technical purposes, manufactured from tissue with weight around 200 g/m2;

EPЗ - same qualities as EP2, distinguished for its food fire stability.

The particular brands correspond to the analogues produced in EUROPE according to standards EN 60893-3-4, DIN 7735.